Monday 30 August 2021

NOT The Footy Show Episode 241: Latrell Latrell... Round 24 Aftermath Podcast - 2021 NRL Season

The Round 24 Aftermath - NRL Podcast
Released August 30, 2021 

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson for a quick 26 minute NOT The Footy Show Episode 241 as we dive into the aftermath from the Latrell Mitchell, Trent Robinson and NRL Bunker mix-tape that was NRL Round 24. 

We ask what's next for Latrell Mitchell given his last two season's have come crashing to a halt before the Finals, what is going on at the NRL Bunker for Mitchell to somehow not be sent off and how much did Trent Robinson get right and wrong in his post-match presser. 

So join Coxsmith and Waz for what might even be the first of two doses of footy chat in a week! 

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