Thursday, 6 May 2021

NOT The Footy Show Episode 234: Staggs do - NRL Round 9 Preview Podcast - 2021 Season

Staggs re-signs as Xavier bolts...
Released May 6, 2021 

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson for a rare Thursday edition of the NOT The Footy Show Podcast with Round 9 here. We explore how Kotoni Staggs staying with Brisbane has totally crippled their salary cap and how Melbourne are taking full advantage by signing Xavier Coates to replace Josh Addo-Carr. 

In the Bonus Segment we call for the return of the 5 minute sin bin to help the NRL's 'Crackdown' (PR Stunt) against NRL teams deciding to completely flaunt the benefits of deliberately giving 6 agains away. 

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Also on Episode 234 of NOT The Footy Show we wonder out loud if Magic Round could be in danger because the NRL itself might not be able to get to Suncorp to run it due to COVID implications and finally get a chance to read out your reviews! 

And we give our very quick tips on Round 9. Enjoy. 

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