Wednesday, 21 April 2021

NOT The Footy Show Episode 232: Halfbacks Getting Paid - Podcast 2021 NRL Season

The Chad gets paid - who gets next? 
Released April 21, 2021 

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson for a bumper podcast as they discuss how Chad Townsend gets $2m for 3 years from the relegation bound Cowboys... and why Cronulla could make out like bandits if they end up with Shaun Johnson AND Adam Reynolds instead of keeping The Chad. 

Also on Episode 232 of NOT The Footy Show we pick the Impact Signings for 2021 after 6 Rounds. 

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We talk Phil Gould's distaste for suspensions for foul play and Melbourne's brilliance at exposing a HIA loophole. 

Plus in the Bonus Segment we look at the other irreplaceables in Rugby League's past in light of Tommy Trbojevic's impact at Manly last weekend. 


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