Monday 23 March 2020

NOT The Footy Show Episode 204: The Last Domino To Fall... | NRL Podcast

Released March 22, 2020

The Last Domino To Fall... 
AFL halts as the NRL continues.

NOT The Footy Show's Post-Round 2 NRL Podcast - stream Episode 204 below:

Join Robb Cox and Warrick Nicolson as they discuss just how long the NRL may continue in the coronavirus climate with the AFL pulling the plug til May 31.

We talk Latrell Mitchell’s motivation situation, the Top 3 Coaches under pressure, play Captain Obviously with Cam Munster, El Capitan’s Challenge, how Fox Sports/Channel 9 went broadcasting crowd-less games and we cover lots of footy from Round 2.

Plenty of footy on this week’s show. Plus you can watch the lads talk if the spirit moves you on our FaceTime quality YouTube version of the Show.

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