Thursday 3 September 2015

#NRL Round 26 Tips | Finally... it's over. #NRLBroncosStorm #NRLRoostersSouths

Round 26 - Well I tried...

2015 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - September 3, 2015

We love this... so it's staying as our tipping mascot for the rest of 2015

Well I can still reach the 60% tipping mark in 2015... if I go perfect in Round 26.

I'm not going to feature in the top tipsters in the Postie comp I'm masquerading in after a pretty poor effort in 2 of the last 4 weeks - so let's aim to get 5 or 6 right this week so at least we can look semi-respectable.

My flatmate is still a chance in that comp... he picked 7/8 last week and got the Titans over Saints... but the genius picked Manly over the Roosters... I mean so did I but I'm not about to be a hope of winning that comp now am I?

This year has been another tough one to get excited about the footy from a tipping point of view but isn't that what everyone says when you start out tipping okay and then end up with a 58.7% success rate?

So my apologies if you didn't feature in your tipping comp in 2015 by relying on my tips this year - I've done what I could but it just wasn't a year that was kind... plus I didn't pick Saints for 4 months (ie when they were actually good) so that hasn't helped anyone.

Good luck if your team can still make the Finals and enjoy September - it truly is the best time of the year.

Game of NRL Round 26 is Thursday night at Suncorp - Broncos v Storm. No Ben Hunt takes some gloss off... and opens the door big time to Melbourne. 

Storm over Broncos
Roosters over Souths
Panthers over Knights
Dragons over Tigers
Cowboys over Titans
Raiders over Eels
Sharks over Manly
Bulldogs over Warriors

Last week 5/8: No dice on Manly, Warriors or Dragons.

2015 SEASON TIPS: 108/184 at 58.7%
Round by Round: 5/8 | 5/8 | 6/8 | 4/8 | 5/8 | 3/8 | 1/8 | 4/8 | 7/8 | 3/8 | 2/4 | 3/7 | 5/8 | 1/4 | 4/7 | 7/8 | 3/4 | 5/6 | 7/8 | 5/8 | 6/8 | 2/8 | 6/8 | 3/8 | 5/8

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