Thursday 20 August 2015

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Round 24... Perfect Round Time!

2015 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - August 20, 2015

We love this... so it's staying as our tipping mascot for the rest of 2015

So 6/8 last week... in a double up round... that's acceptable troops... but if The Postman wants to win the Tipping Comp full of actual postmen - Round 24 has to be a perfect round.

With one or two upsets.

So good luck if you follow my tips on Thursday and Friday night this week people - I'm going with the underdog... just not the actual Dogs.

Game of NRL Round 24 is Saturday night in Sydney - Roosters v Broncos.

Can the SFS draw a crowd above 25k? No reason it shouldn't - and hey, can we wish for 30+k? Should be a cracker.

Panthers over Dragons - No Thompson for Saints has me tipping the Penny Panthers as I really like Peachey in the #6.
Souths over Bulldogs - Don't know what Dogs team turns up and if Stewart or Sutton plays at #6 I don't think the Bunnies suffer too badly without Keary... but no Luke is a concern. But so are the Dogs turning up to play... and they don't have a hooker at all.
Sharks over Tigers - Tigers good enough on their day and the Sharks are bad enough on their day as well... over to you Cronulla - bounce back from a really poor performance v Melbourne please.
Cowboys over Warriors - The Warriors can't beat the Cowboys right? Well don't rule it out... I'm still not convinced the Cows are that good. They should win this by 20+ really... right?
Roosters over Broncos - Bring it on! I think the Chooks are a better team but if the Broncos starting pack can hold their own and thus don't let their much poorer bench get exposed - they are in this up to their eyeballs.
Raiders over Titans - Season is over for both teams but I expect the Raiders to play like a team free of pressure and win by a quite a few on Sunday.
Manly over Eels - Manly should win this by 30 if they genuinely want to play in the Finals.
Storm over Knights - Cannot see Melbourne dropping this one after such an emphatic win at Cronulla last Monday. That said the Knights are a danger team when they just play footy and not worry about anything else.

Last week 6/8: Souths and the Knights burned me... but hey we raised the bat!

2015 SEASON TIPS: 100/168 at 59.5%
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