Thursday 23 July 2015

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Round 20... Time to step it up

2015 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - July 23, 2015

We love this... so it's staying as our tipping mascot for the rest of 2015

It's time to play a double points cards if they exist in your tipping comp people.

I'll be playing mine - ironically enough - in the comp I'm in against a bunch of actual postmen, and this comp actually allows you to play two in a season... so after missing only the Raiders last week - I'm angry at myself for not doing the double up in consecutive weeks. Especially given I deliberately waited til late in the season to play them.

Game of NRL Round 20 is Sunday afternoon at Belmore - Bulldogs v Sharks.

Just expect the Sharks to give a real good account of themselves, even if I think the Dogs win at Belmore. Will be worth watching... that said I'll be taking half the family out to Penrith for Sunday afternoon footy in the actual sun.

Broncos over Titans - Lock it in Eddie, Broncos might get pushed but surely they don't drop this as they aim to hold on to their Minor Premiership lead.
Roosters over Tigers - No Farah = no way I'm picking the Tigers... in any game, let alone against arguably the most potent footy team in the comp in Easts.
Warriors over Manly - Want to pick Manly because I think them making a run at the Finals is a half decent storyline... but if the Warriors want to consolidate their own place in September footy - they need to win this. Manly's campaign will be officially over if they do lose.
Storm over Dragons - Melbourne play anything remotely like they did against Penrith and they win and win well. Saints are not tracking well at all... and I expect it to be 7 losses in a row on Saturday in Napier, NZ.
Souths over Knights - Souths turn up at the wrong ground and Newcastle are a chance.
Panthers over Raiders - Pains me to do it as Canberra have to win a game like this to remain any kind of Top 8 hope but Josh McCrone in the #7 just doesn't cut it Ricky Stuart. Penrith thanks.
Bulldogs over Sharks - Doggies at home... as indicated above.
Cowboys over Eels - it'll be 48-0 if JT continues his magic show on Monday Night.

Last week 7/8: Only missed on Canberra... gee not picking an actual halfback didn't hurt did it?

2015 SEASON TIPS: 81/136 at 59.6%
Round by Round: 5/8 | 5/8 | 6/8 | 4/8 | 5/8 | 3/8 | 1/8 | 4/8 | 7/8 | 3/8 | 2/4 | 3/7 | 5/8 | 1/4 | 4/7 | 7/8 | 3/4 | 5/6 | 7/8

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