Thursday 19 March 2015

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Round 3... Investigation Required!

2015 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - March 19, 2015

How are we still tipping at 63%!
So back to back 5/8 weeks to start the season - maintaining the acceptable 63% success rate.

But let's be honest - we want and need to do better.

While no Tipping Comp can be won after the opening couple of rounds - you can rule yourself out of contention before March is out every year.

Game of the Round is Monday's Roosters-Panthers tilt at the SFS - and while I like the Broncos-Cowboys, Manly-Bulldogs and Souths-Tigers games - the Chooks and Penny Panthers have played very good footy to open the season so they deserve 15,000 watching at the SFS surely?

But overall - this is a round you can get excited about going to watch at the ground or observe from the couch.

Plus it is #PlayNRL Round, so that's as good a reason as any to get to a game - more details.

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Bulldogs over Manly *TIP CHANGE after Lyon withdrew
Cowboys over Broncos
Warriors over Eels
Raiders over Dragons
Storm over Sharks
Souths over Tigers
Knights over Titans
Roosters over Panthers

Though it is dice roll city on Manly, Cowboys, Raiders and maybe even Knights and Roosters. Only 'confident' on Warriors, Storm and Souths.

Last week: Got Dogs, Broncos, Panthers, Rabbits and Tigers, whiffed on Manly, Knights and Warriors.

2015 SEASON TIPS: 10/16 at 62.5%
Round by Round: 5/8 | 5/8 

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