Thursday 19 June 2014

#NRL 2014: Round 15 Tips Preview | #NRLWarBri #NRLMelPar

Round 15 Tips

2014 National Rugby League Premiership
By W D Nicolson - June 19, 2014

Meh... 3 from 5 last week - missing on the Eels and Storm.

But NSW won so who gives two hoots about NRL tipping?


To Round 15 and there's 6 games on the schedule... and sorry, still no Late Mail. After Origin 3 things will resume as normal.

But this weekend - it's time for a few days in Melbourne on holiday kids - so enjoy the footy!
Raiders v Bulldogs - Bulldogs by 6 points.
Canberra should give themselves some hope... but if they don't - the Dogs might put a score on even with their injury concerns and Origin backups.
Warriors v Broncos - Warriors by 6 points.
Just don't know... the Broncos might be in this if they defend well (okay, so are most teams) but if the Warriors start with confidence - gotta go the home team if Brisbane's Origin players don't backup.
Sharks v Sea Eagles - Sea Eagles by 6 points.
Some big ins for the Sharks and DCE may not and Watmough will not backup for Manly... still I've been burnt enough times this year by you Cronulla, so no.
Storm v Eels - Storm by 2 points.
Really want to see Hayne backup this time - for the sake of the Eels more than NSW. Smith likely will but Slater may be touch and go but I still don't know Hayne's status so thinking Melbourne in Melbourne. Plus I'm on holidays this weekend (first genuine days of the season!!!) and this will be a game I take in while in Melbourne.
Titans v Dragons - Dragons by 4 points.
Quite honestly do not care. Go with Benji.
Knights v Cowboys - Knights by 2 points.
See above - going home ground.

The Postman's Late Mail is in flux... we apologise but when he can find the time to dig some up before everyone else does it on Thursday he'll bring it back.

Leaderboard after Round 11
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The 'Special Fried Rice' picks have returned but given it is me v me, every week - I'll just be listing my 'SFR' of the week with the FootyTab Starts as the variation aspect to keep things interesting vs just saying 'this team will win this week - guaranteed'.

* makes no guarantees of decent picks every week - but we hope they are.
Warrick D. Nicolson, The NRL Tweet
Bulldogs by 6, Warriors by 6, Sea Eagles by 6, Storm by 2, Dragons by 4, Knights by 2.
LW: 3/5 | SEASON: 61/104
CAN +4.5, BRI +4.5, CRO +10.5, PAR +2.5, SGI +4.5, NEW +2.5.
LW: 3/5 | SEASON: 52/104
Special Fried Rice: SGI +4.5. | Season SFR: 7/14
NQL -10.5, SYD -14.5, SOU -14.5, SOU -8.5, MEL -12.5, MAN -6.5, CBY +3.5, NEW +5.5, SYD -9.5, CAN +4.5, SYD +1.5, NQL -2.5, CBY +4.5, NEW +12.5, SGI +4.5
TIPPING Record after 13 Rounds - 61/104 @ 58.7%
FOOTYTAB Record after 13 Rounds - 52/104 @ 50.0%
SPECIAL FRIED RICE after 14 Rounds - 7/14 @ 50.5%
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| J Gemmell @godofcheeseau |
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