Friday 16 October 2009

Vancouver unveil Medal Design for 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Question: Name the cities who have hosted the last three Olympic Winter Games?

Before you cheat and say Vancouver - you'd be wrong as the Canadian west coast city doesn't qualify for that question until late February next year.

Today the Vancouver Olympic Committee unveiled their designs for the Medals to be awarded at the Games. They are undulating rather than flat and have a native motif amongst the Olympic Rings.

They look good. Not great but they are different.

Just a note on the official website - the medal news today has spiked the site's hosting capabilities and it is down. Here's the screen shot that greets you trying to log into the official site...

Internal Server Error - Erreur interne de serveur

The server has encountered an unexpected internal error which has prevented it from displaying the requested page.

Please try again later. If you still experience problems, please e-mail

Le serveur a rencontrĂ© une erreur interne inattendue qui l’a empĂȘchĂ© d’afficher la page demandĂ©e.

Veuillez rĂ©essayer plus tard. Si vous Ă©prouvez toujours des problĂšmes, veuillez envoyer un courriel Ă  l’adresse

That's not a good sign at all... the Games haven't even started yet and the site can't deal with the spike in hits from a MEDAL DESIGN ANNOUNCEMENT!

I shudder to think how critically wounded the site would be when the Canadians win Gold in the Ice Hockey...

Answer: 2006 - Turin, Italy; 2002 - Salt Lake City, USA; 1998 - Nagano, Japan.