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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Brett Finch to end up a Panther..

Edit: 14/04/09. Turns out Finch had a deal setup with the Melbourne Storm all along... but we didn't know that now did we. I wonder if Parramatta did. The breaking news today is that Parramatta halfback Brett Finch is now former Parramatta halfback Brett Finch, with the club granting him an immediate release from his contract. The Eels have been poor so far in 2009 but Finch was hardly the one to blame for their struggles against the Roosters last Friday Night but the team was still 2-2 after the opening month of the season. But he's now gone and on the open market and I would be shocked if he doesn't end up playing for Matt Elliott at the Penrith Panthers. The pair got on very well in Finch's last season at the Raiders and Elliott was shattered the young fella left to play for Ricky Stuart and the Roosters after a fairly successful 2002 year when the Raiders made the Finals. Could be that Finch was just looking for an excuse to jump to the Panthers and Anderson gave it to him against the Roosters by moving Kris Keating into halfback during the match. Finch at #7 makes the Panthers a much better team since they'll have a genuine organiser in the side and I can't see him ending up anywhere else."

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