Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ruby Rose tells it like it is...

For a review of 'The 7pm Project' which features Ruby Rose click here. Forward: April 28, 2009. I've tried but I can't get over this... as a result celebrity Ruby Rose has earned herself an opinion piece on wdnicolson.blogspot.com. Proving that it's not always about sport. In case you didn't know and the odds are good you probably didn't, but that MTV superstar Ruby Rose won best female talent at the ASTRA Pay TV Awards the other night and delivered the kind of acceptance speech that just left me stunned. I've tried over the past couple of days to ignore what she said, as it really is nothing of consequence but it has been nagging at me and I've decided to put it in the blogosphere.

She's what all the fuss is about... apparently.

Now if you're not familiar with who Ruby Rose is - well neither am I so here's Google's take. She's a lesbian apparently who has 'locked lips' with such big names as Vanessa Amorosi and the other one in the Veronicas (couldn't be stuffed figuring out which was which) and is a resident MTV VJ - so she's clearly at the forefront of all things cool. And here's the quote from her acceptance speech: "(And) to all those girls who bullied me in high school, where are you now?" Wow. You showed them girl. You told those conniving and back stabbing chicks how it is now. They are no doubt sitting in their chairs at work or at uni reading about themselves in a news article (heck they wouldn't have seen the speech live because who in their right mind would watch a pay tv awards show?) and feeling rather vindicated that they got you - Ruby Rose - to where you are now, with the kind of bullying only reserved for those shrinking violets who are bound for stardom! Please get some perspective rose petal. If that is what has driven you to get to where you are now, what are you going to do with the rest of your life now? You've told them where to stick it, but what drives you now? I'm sure the tatts have something to do with telling them too... and just quietly they do nothing for you. Even though you are quite attractive, it looks like you've let a three year old go to town with the oil based paints up and down your right arm. Sure my point of view could be way off, which I'm not asking Rose to share it at all - but I felt pretty sorry for her when she uttered those words about what drove her. Sure she's 23 with the world at her feet etc etc, but I've heard George W. Bush make more sense at the podium than Ruby Rose Langenheim (her real name) did at the ASTRAs. ... Ironically I'm letting what she said bite at me and thus I bite back - ala what she's done - but my distance of time is just 3 or 4 days - and hers is closer to half a dozen years so.... plus she's like 'famous' so... Have a good day my friends - and don't you dare think of bullying me otherwise when I win an award at a ceremony no one cares about - you'll be copping both barrels!

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